1. Participant organizations:
    • Organization Name: Hrvatska Obrtnička Komora Obrtnička Komora Zagreb
      Country: Croatia
      Contact Person: Darija Čukelj
      Web Site: www.okz.hr
    • Organization Name: Kroatische Wirtschaftsvereinigung e.V.
      Country: Germany
      Contact Person: Mario Šušak
      Web Site: www.kwvd.de
    • Organization Name: Klaipėdos Turizmo Mokykla
      Country: Lithuania
      Contact Person: Daiva Baltmiskiene
      Web Site: www.ktm.lt
    • Organization Name: Lubelska Izba Rzemieslnicza
      Country: Poland
      Contact Person: Agata Strudzinska
      Web Site: www.lir.com
    • Organization Name: Grupul Şcolar de Prelucrarea Lemnului, Constantin Brâncuşi
      Country: Romania
      Contact Person: Alexandru Diţă
      Web Site: http://gsbrancusibraila.licee.edu.ro/
    • Organization Name: Tuzla Technical and Vocational High School
      Country: Turkey
      Contact Person: Hakan Karakaş
      Web Site: www.tuzlaatl.k12.tr
  2. 3rd Meeting
    Report EUROPEEK, 16.-20.06.2012., ZAGREB– programme 
    • 15.,16th June arrivals
    • 17th June
      • Mountain Sljeme, Day of Craftsmen, sponsored by Association of Craftsmen Zagreb
    • 18th June
      • welcome speach, president of Chamber Mr. Ivan Obad
      • Meeting in Frankfurt – presentation, film
      • Presentation of activities in period from February, vocational education promotional activities: Germany, Romania, Turkey
      • Projects process evaluation
      • Zagreb - presentation
      • Chamber of Trades and Crafts Zagreb  - presentation of chamber, activities, organization 
      • Introduction to the vocational training system in Croatia and role of the Chamber – presentation
      • Presentation of incentive measures for enrolment in VET schools, Zagreb City Office for Education, Culture and Sports
      • Measures for the protection and development of crafts in Zagreb, City Office for Economy, labour and enterprises
      • Discussion
      • City tour
    • 19th June
      • Visit to Electrical and engineering school – visit, presentation
      • Visit to craftsmen workshop Car service Obad
      • presentation of practical training at licenced workshop for car mechanic, car electrician, car body repair, car painting
    • 20th June
      • Evaluation of the meeting
      • Discussion of next step
      • Certificate ceremony Departures
  3. III. Project Meetings' Agenda
    Schedule for next meeting Venue Arrival date Departure Braila, Romania 19th Sept.212. 22nd Sept.2012
  4. IV. Tasks
    • Romanian partner proposed meeting from 19th to 22nd Sept., all partners agreed.
      The first meeting will be organized at Bucharest, partner will try to organize meeting and presentation of institutions involved in vocational training.
      Transfer to Braila and visit to school will be the second day.
    • The host organization's leader will send practical information-pack two weeks before the activities.
    • The host organization's leader should send invitation letter to Turkish partner to get official permission and visa (if needed).
    • The host organization will organize hotel accommodation, paid by participants.
    • Welcome dinner and break snacks and drinks during workday will be offered by Romanian partner.
    • Chamber of Trades and Crafts Zagreb will present material from Zagreb meeting and prepare complete CD for all partners.
    • Chamber will inform all partners when the TV material will be on disposal on web site of the Chamber
    • All the partners will inform host partner about the material that will be presented in Romania (activities) 
      Minutes of the Zagreb meeting will be written by Darija Čukelj and sent to all partners.
    • Turkish partner will put on the website all the material from Zagreb
    • Photos will be put on website and Facebook page – all partners
    • All participants will fill evaluation questionnaire and send to host partner (project coordinator in each country will organize it for all participants)
  5. Evaluation plan
    • Project process evaluation with check list
    • Project outcomes evaluation with check list
  6. Dissemination Plan
    Croatian partner will publish report on meeting in Craftsmen paper and give to partners.
    TV Jabuka video will be on website www.okz.hr. Material will be on project’s web site and photos on Facebook